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Bankruptcy comes with serious consequences but also may be the key to starting your life over. When you are considering your financial options after losing a home, losing a job, or even after facing a serious illness, Magyar Law Office PC can help you understand your options and see if bankruptcy is the right choice for you. Our experienced attorneys can review your situation and find a way through it.

Bankruptcy proceedings for your protection

Financial difficulties can be embarrassing to talk about. We always treat you with non-judgment and understanding.

  • Chapter 7 filings

  • Chapter 13 filings

  • Consumer rights

  • Debt payment negotiation

  • Litigation assistance

  • Stop creditor harassment

Find a range of expert bankruptcy services

Magyar Law Office PC offers compassionate, sound advice that you can rely on to be trustworthy. Your current financial situation doesn't have to be your permanent financial situation. Once a plan is in place, you'll be able to look forward to the future with confidence again.

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